Tips for handling a frustrated web design client

A client, however angry, cannot be ignored provided; he or she is the source of income for you and your company. Especially in the website design industry, there are a few clients who take very little to get all irate and vexed and they must be handled with utmost care as any mishandling on your part will not only cost you some money but a bright future prospects. All you need is to show patience and your ability to offer a solution to whatever issues the client is facing. If you are able to bear with the few minutes of aggression and grievances and then possibly offer a quick fix to the problem, the client will definitely appreciate your perseverance and feel comforted. However, if you lose patience and become irritated, you are most likely going to lose the client and also one of your sources of income. If you go on losing clients for trivial reasons, you may end up losing all of them. Just be patient and never let your ears fail you.

These tips will help you tackle angry clients, especially in web design

Show utmost patience : 

While dealing with such clients, show utmost patience. You will have to show that you understand the issue faced by them and will definitely provide them with the solution to the problem. Your facial expression and body language must not show signs of aggression and restlessness.

Try to step into their shoes:

To understand their problem, you need to step into their shoes. Without placing yourself in their position, you may not understand the gravity of the problems and the repercussions, it can possibly have. Think of a solution from their angle. 

Be all ears and listen calmly

When the client is speaking, try not to interrupt unless he or she expects you to. Try to stay calm and listen to the problems carefully. It will be wise on your part to think of the responses simultaneously so that when you speak, you are out with some concrete solution.

Communicate to pinpoint the problem:

If needed ask questions to understand the problem in a better way. Once you are able to identify the problem, half of the solution is done. Do not hesitate from asking questions which would help you in identifying the issue clearly so that you can communicate it to the concerned department.

Offer a solution they cannot say no to:

After you have come up with the solution, convey it to them. Do not overboard and commit something unrealistic, but try to offer a solution which they cannot refuse. If possible, give the client a fixed date or duration which you think will be required to rectify the issue.

Prevention is better than cure:

This statement stands true in all cases. In web design, it\’s better to get client approval at each stage so that you could avoid the confusions going forward. You could start from the wireframe stage itself, then give homepage mockup design, and upon approval of the same, HTML of the same and then inner page mockup then HTML version of the same and so on and finally the CMS version (if it includes in the scope)

All these tips will come in handy while dealing with frustrated and angry clients. The clients may get angry at times as they are also under a lot of pressure. We as a service provider must understand and respect it and show our full cooperation. When the anger subsides, the patience and calmness exhibited by you will go a long way in forging a long term relationship. It is therefore recommended to handle such clients with utmost care as their loss will eventually become yours.


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