10 White Hat SEO Techniques for Link Building

white hat tricks for seo

The SEO industry has seen turbulent times this year. Many updates have been announced and unannounced by search engines this year, impacting website owners quickly. The answer is not what some people would have expected a few years ago: white hat SEO. When it comes to investing your marketing dollar for both the short-term and long-term growth of your website, it is safest to invest in it.

You will learn what the white hat seo means in the modern era, why it can be so beneficial, and which 10 SEO techniques for link buildings is going to be the most important in the future. In this sense, an SEO crash course could be very helpful in increasing traffic to your website. It might be possible for you to learn different methods and techniques that major marketing firms worldwide have incorporated to rank their sites higher on the most popular search engines available online.

White Hat SEO and Link Building: What are they?

white hat seo

When it comes to SEO practices, it’s not a one method for all situation. There are many different types of services one can employ in order to increase their online visibility. One of the most popular out of them is White Hat SEO, because it follows the rules set by search engines. It uses optimization techniques which are aimed at people rather than search engines. Content generation to improve user experience includes keywords, backlinks, link building, and proper use of backlinks.

In terms of Link Building, this is the process of getting additional links from other web pages that lead to your web page. This is one of many White Hat SEO techniques that can be used to improve ranking and traffic to your site.

Here are 10 White Hat SEO Techniques for Link Building

1. The Skyscraper Technique of Brian Dean

skyscraper technique

The skyscraper technique, a famous blogger Brian Dean has described how to build high-quality links. Link building is also important if you want to generate high quality links. He increased his organic search traffic in just 14 days with this technique. It increased his blog referral traffic to over 3 lakhs. You can also try it and see the results for yourself.

2. Write Links-Worthy “Long-Form Content”

You should start producing long-form content over 2000 words if you want better search rankings. Different approaches exist to make your content link-worthy and valuable for readers. Creating great content is everyone’s dream. For this reason, it is important to know what it takes to create such quality content. If you don’t write the content in a way that supports SEO techniques for linking building, then you will not reach your goal. You could always take the help of professional content agencies that can help optimize your content according to SEO requirements. For example, a web3 copywriter could help you with website content, as well as any short or long form content you would need for the business.

3. Using Infographics to Attract Natural Backlinks


Information graphics are one of the greatest Whte Hat SEO techniques. Visual content is more engaging for users in social media than plain text content. Backlinks are extremely important in the world of search engine optimization. Without quality backlinks to your site, you can’t expect your business to grow.

Creating infographics is the way to build authoritative backlinks. If you want to create viral content on social media, you should use infographics. Learn how to make viral infographics. Start using great design and include statistics, then promote your infographic.

4. Build Links by Repurposing Existing Content

The term repurposing is used to describe the process of repurposing your existing blog content or content you have already written for some purpose.

What are some ways to repurpose content?

  • Your posts can be compiled into an ebook.
  • Your posts can be recorded as audio podcasts and published online.
  • Use different visual content to illustrate your key points.

What are its benefits?

  • Brand awareness is increased by using it.
  • This saves you a great deal of time.

The following are some ways to repurpose content to build links.

  • Your blog post can be the basis for the guest posts you write.
  • Your post can be converted into slide presentations.
  • An ebook can be created by converting blog posts.
  • Your post can be turned into an infographic.
  • Create a blog for LinkedIn Pulse.
  • Consult an expert.

5. A Broken Link-Building Strategy

broken links

It is quite common in the world of SEO to hear about the term “broken link building“. This refers to finding broken links on websites that lead to another article similar to the one that you are writing. As such, you need to identify these broken links and replace them with your article link. Additionally, it helps the site owner receive backlinks as well. It may be time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort.

6. Use Link Roundups to Build Links

link building

Content creation should take 20% of your time, while promotion takes 80% of your time. Promoting content is the real challenge. Link round ups are beneficial for two reasons.

  • Your site is visited by new visitors.
  • Getting backlinks will benefit your site.

How to get backlinks from link roundups and be featured?

  • The more you keep writing articles, the more other bloggers will feature it on their blogs. If you don’t have amazing content to share, don’t ever write anything.
  • Contact bloggers in your niche and tell them about your business.

7. Steal Backlinks from Your Competitors!


We all want more traffic from search engines. If you want to boost your search traffic, then you will need backlinks. First, you will need to analyze your top competitors. Put the links of their websites on a spreadsheet. One of the working White Hat SEO techniques for link building is to steal your competitor’s backlinks as one of the tools available at Semrush in order to find your competitors who rank well for your keyword.

Having compiled the list, let’s take a look at the process of stealing your competitor’s backlinks.

1. Find out everything you can about your competitors

2. Check if there are more than one competitor’s website on your list

3. See what guests posts your competitors have written

4. Find out which content your competitors are most popular

5. Backlinks from your competitors should be fixed

8. Implement Schema Markup

A powerful search-engine algorithm like Google’s depends on many factors, but it’s not magic. Like any program, it may be unable to comprehend what it’s looking at or even what’s being looked at.

This goes well beyond simply including keywords and title tags in your website code. Schema markup is a way to give Google an insight into what information is being presented and why.

9. Building High-Quality Links

white hat seo

The hallmark of white-hat link building is building a long-term strategy that includes getting links from relevant, quality websites. Those links have varying anchor text and serve as long-term value.

As you can see, this task is not the easiest you’ve ever done. You’ll need to do a lot of outreach using email to select partners carefully. You’ll still have to make a lot of pitches and manage the rate at which new links are accepted and acquired.

As you can see, this task is not the easiest you’ve ever done. You’ll need to do a lot of outreach using email to select partners carefully. You’ll still have to make a lot of pitches and manage the rate at which new links are accepted and acquired.

The only way to stay white hat is to be discerning and responsible about the information you share with those you link to.

10. Content Marketing Should be a Priority

One of the most significant factors for SEO is content marketing. It’s like how you give your content authority, and make it more enduring. It’s one of the strategies that beginners often miss when doing white hat SEO.

It involves delivering high-quality pieces to the right people, which is hopefully prospects and customers. This includes white hat seo techniques for linking buildings. Guest blogging can take many forms, including social media sharing, the creation of links, publication on more prestigious websites, and direct distribution to mailing lists. Content marketing involves having your posts shared via social media.

All of these techniques can sound a bit overwhelming to implement all at once. That is why, it is important to have a proper strategy in place which can help you streamline your content marketing/link building process, not to mention all of your operations too. For some help with this, you can turn to Capsifi or similar solution providers who can offer custom architectural models to streamline your business, thus helping you get a detailed and clear picture of your goals moving forward.


These are some ways that can help you rank on seo techniques for link building. Always keep in mind that your main responsibility is to avoid the use of Black Hat and Gray Hat tactics. To get the ultimate results in no time and succeed in your business, contact the experts who specialize in providing white hat SEO services here.

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