How to Write an Outstanding Web Design Proposal

Tips to write an Outstanding Web Design Proposal

Creative people are always looking for a unique way to express themselves. Designers usually choose the career path since they believe it will allow them to demonstrate their artistic side and make the most of their innate talents. However, not many designers knew before entering the field that there is a lot of non-creative work that a designer has to do as well. Approaching new clients, making presentations for them, dealing with clients that pay slow, and more are things that often leave designers in a cold sweat. There is no way to avoid doing these things, so you might as well create a ground strategy for it in order to make your life easier.

Why is a web design proposal needed?

Every client you approach will demand a web design proposal. If you wish to make designing a lucrative career, or even a paying one, a web design proposal is one thing you simply have to make.

Avoid taking the easy way out

When your client asks you how much it will cost him if he gets his website redesigned, it might be tempting to simply quote a figure, but a web design proposal works way better. Besides answering the main question being asked, the proposal also allows you to explain what you plan to do, how you will do it, and thus justifying the amount you quote. You first show the client the problem, and how you have a solution, and the client will be a lot more willing to pay you for it.

Create a basic outline

Writing a web design proposal is a lot like trying to make a better argument than your opponent in a debate. You must put forwards your points, and persuade the client that you are what he needs.

Here are the four primary parts you need to focus on:

  1. Problem statement: Identify the problem and explain how it is harming the client. You will have to carefully research the website in order to see why sales are dropping for the client. Some clients are forthcoming with such details, others are not, so be prepared to dig and find out the root cause.
  2. Proposed solution: Inform the client the ideal way to tackle the problem, and how you can do it. Talk about how you will be meeting their needs, as well as explain how your work will benefit the image of the brand. Your solution should make the client think that the price you are quoting the best deal they are getting.
  3. Quote a price: Give the client the information he originally asked for. A grid form works best, but make sure you keep jargon out of it. Or at least explain the standard jargon. The client should know what he is being asked to pay for.
  4. Call to action: Use a catchy phrase to incite action from the client. Get creative with it. If you can, make an online proposal, which directs a client towards payment services if they like your proposal

Follow these guidelines to make a great proposal, but make sure you tackle each client in a different way. Use these steps as a guideline, instead of a template which you send to everyone.

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