How to Fix [pii_email_bbc3ff95d349b30c2503] Error Code in MicrosoftOutlook


Microsoft Outlook has gained popularity and attention as the best mailing application, especially for businesses. It is the second-best mailing option adopted by the audience worldwide, after Gmail. 

Outlook offers multiple options to monitor what the users search for. Unlike Gmail, there are some extra features and functions that Outlook can provide such as in-depth email sorting based on the size, date, sender, etc. 

It also comes with personalized reminders that alert you about taking an action to an incoming mail that you might have forgotten. 

While there are plenty of advantages of using Outlook, there are certain error codes that pop up at unexpected times and don’t allow you to access Outlook mail.

However certain error codes that impact the functioning of Outlook mail are quite disturbing.

What does [pii_email_bbc3ff95d349b30c2503] Error Code mean

There are various types of errors that can cause Outlook to suddenly stop or pause its operations. You must consider the port number, Operating System and Connectivity, making sure that they are all in sync.

The error is not fatal or so serious to be labeled threatening and can be easily got rid of through some simple steps.

The possible major reasons behind the error code are as follows:

  • Logging into multiple accounts rather than using one primary account
  • Problems with email synchronization
  • Outdated version or expired version of Outlook
  • Errors with SMTP and POP 
  • Misconfiguration of Outlook settings
  • Issues with piled-up data
  • Corrupted Outlook

Now, we shall discuss the various possible ways you can adopt to get rid of this error.

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Tips to get rid of [pii_email_bbc3ff95d349b30c2503] Error Code

Though the error code seems to you to be so complicated, the term is just technical and you can get rid of them through the steps mentioned below.

Don’t use multiple accounts to log in the Outlook


This is one of the most important steps you should take care of while using Outlook. Make sure that you don’t use many accounts to log in to MS Outlook.

If you are already using multiple accounts, then this can be the reason behind the error code displayed by Outlook. It’s advised to remove the least prior mail accounts and keep the one you require the most in your web application.

You can still access Outlook through web browsers or mobile applications if you wish to access the other accounts at any point of time.

Sync Email


This error can sometimes be caused due to synchronization errors. Synchronization can help you to keep the folders and mail data up to date and make sure that the data on the device and cloud are aligned. 

In the outlook sync settings, make sure that the sync options are ON, and also the checkboxes are ticked.

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Get a licensed version of MS Outlook

Sometimes, the error can be caused due to an expired Outlook. The updated version or outdated Outlook version is not supported for long by the Personal Computers.

In that case, you will be required to check if you are using the licensed versions of Outlook.

If not, then get a licensed version of Outlook with Microsoft 365. You can buy Outlook for 1 PC or Mac or get the benefits of completing Microsoft 365 with Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Onedrive too for up to 6 people.


Get the licensed version of Outlook

Set SMTP and POP for Outlook


The error can also be a result of any problems caused by the lack of proper SMTP, IMAP, and POP settings. To analyze this, you can follow the options provided below.

Go to Outlook settings and choose Email. Under the email section, choose the Sync Email menu

From the popup, go to POP options, and check whether the devices and apps using the POP option are enabled. If the option is ‘No’, then change it to ‘Yes’. Make sure that the POP setting, IMAP setting, and SMTP setting are enabled.

Reset the Outlook Data


There can be sometimes chances of errors to pop up due to some errors that pop up due to the Outlook data. In such circumstances, it is ideal to reset the data. This will bring back the Outlook for a fresh start.

You can reset the data by the following options. In settings, go to Mail & Calendar option, choose Advanced Options, and finally select Reset Option.

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Get Outlook for Mobile 


If the error persists even after trying the above options, you can get an Outlook for mobile to carry out the regular tasks easily with your mobile devices. Mobile applications are more convenient and easy to use than web applications.

Another benefit is that these mobile applications are free to use and you can start just by entering the phone number and linking the app through the download link provided, or through just a QR code scan.

Contact Outlook Customer Support


If none of the above methods prove to be useful, you can directly seek the support of Microsoft or MS Outlook Customer Support. The Outlook help & learning provides you prompt solutions and helps you with answers to all your queries. 

There are also dedicated menus to get help regarding how to get started, how to use Outlook, manage email, calendar, contacts, and also perform troubleshooting.


The above tips and tricks are provided based on the convenience and the chances of removing the error in the most convenient way. Most probably, the errors should be removed once you follow the above steps.

If the error persists, then it is always advised to get support from Customer support which is available anytime at your reach.

Remember, if you think about keeping software with such issues in your PC idle without taking action, this is not recommended.

Until the issues are completely solved, don’t choose to open the Outlook application. Till then you can access Outlook with your dedicated web browsers.

If the problem is with the bugs or viruses, you should make use of good Antivirus software before you continue to work with the application.

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