What Is QA & Why Quality Assurance Is Important in Web Development Process

In this Revolutionary world use of websites is growing tremendously in companies to operate their day to day operation so it is important for businesses to have secure, free of errors websites that are fully functional and should run 24/7 and 365 day a year.

When it comes to website development, Quality Assurance is a part that is very important at critical hours. Most businesses build a positive reputation for reliability and consistency by following the finest practices during the design & implementation of a website, in order to prevent errors that’s called “Quality Assurance” (QA), It means that the product is 100% ready for launch.

Website quality is not a pass-fail test, but to ensure the degrees to which the number of problems or errors users are experiencing. A website without quality assurance cannot dream of success in a competitive market.

Quality Assurance

During World War II Quality assurance was initially introduced when munitions were tested for error and defects. Nowadays quality assurance systems put emphasis on deducting corrects problems or variances before they get into the end product.

 Quality assurance is not restricted to manufacturing but also to any business or non-business activities.

Quality assurance basically encompasses two principles Fit for purpose (the product should be suitable in all settings and right the first time (the product should be flawless, error free).

These principles manifest a high level of quality during the development of products or services till the ultimate end-user gets best user experience and users will have no problems browsing or using the site or app.

Will developing a website Quality Assurance usually involves essential component of client-oriented or  user scenarios ,expectation and requirements like the version of a website, proposed layout, design, appearance, overall prototype, mobile testing ,browsing testing, evaluate  UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) this ensure each a every feature in line up in working  as it should be.

Form a website development company’s point of view Quality Assurance a set of administrative and procedural quality assurances checklist prerequisite including many processes (e.g. process implementation, training, auditing, etc.) implemented website processes  requirements and goals that  will be fulfilled as per according to  International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that  maintains an effective quality assurance system to meet statutory and regulatory requirements for product quality as well as consumer needs.

When it comes to assessing the effect of website experimentation program, it gauge not only in revenue side but also attributed to each winning variation.

Furthermore any product or services on a website or web app that fall outside of the standards are identified,  the partially defect goods and services in quality assurance differs from rejection in quality control, and has been referred further in the process.

A quality assurance system is said to improve work processes, customer confidence and a company’s credibility and efficiency, that help the company to better compete with competitors. 

Quality Assurance and testing are never ending processes. If you modify or update a website or web app, or change content to the site you need to test again. If website development companies have a quality assurance motto, it would sound like “nothing gets missed!” For an effective product launch, it’s vitally significant to foresee and check all possible circumstances where something in the user experience might go wrong. When companies work according to Kanban or Lean, use Scrum, need to check a new website here quality assurance (QA) development checklist follows at each stage of the website development and testing for liquid flow lifecycle. 

  • Create a traceability matrix (functional and nonfunctional) that has information about the stakeholders,), areas where quality assurance is to be maintained, and the expected outcomes of users.
  • Pre-planning about the paradigm, the roles and processes, unit testing, strategies and tools (small projects; Google Spreadsheet, automated functionality; Todoist or Wunderlist; project management; markdown editor, Jira) and the resources to proceed working.
  • Tracking and Understanding the blockers or prioritize bugs  to run the website automatically and create a backup procedure or generate automated reports 
  • Environmental analysis where checklist of Quality Assurance application being implemented, cross browser or cross platform testing , later on perform even ever new amendment (features, design) are added.

Quality Assurance checklist

 Website quality assurance checklist according to ECU:

Part A Web –based publication

  • document type declaration (DTD), 
  • markup (XHTML)
  • metadata 
  • style ,graphics ,layout 
  • hyperlinks
  • browser compatibility
  • navigation aids
  • media independence 
  • client side scripting

Part B: Web-based Content 

  • spelling, grammar ,punctuation
  • Rich media (flash, video, audio and DHTML)
  • Dynamic application 
  • Viruses

Part C: Accessibility

  • Equivalent alternative to audit
  • Use markup and style sheets
  • Clarify natural language usage
  • Use of tables 
  • Page featuring 

Sometimes during website development, web developers perform QA processes simultaneously to save time bottleneck, by running different types of tests (analysis and review, requirement and implementation) parallel to each other these activities help developers to measure the success of the corresponding development tasks. Also, read Will AI Replace The Web Developers 

For the short term website development projects, developers used different approaches like Agile Approach to skip the steps of requirement or review to save time of delivery. Quality assurance specialists start testing checklists immediately from step three through a very simple tool Google Spreadsheet. Also read Top Web Design Trends

No double, the bug free app or website is not enough to make users happy but crash free performance leaves a positive mark.

Any problem or issue no matter how minor it is will reflect the quality of website, that company or web developer offering in the website development market, Its Company’s first propriety is ensure that quality will be systematically built into the product, secondly  to gain complete confidence of their entrusted customer.

The quality assurance specialist ensures complete satisfaction with the final website before releasing it to the public as a finished and polished product. This in return diminishes the possibility of critical issues and brings up positive goodwill to companies.  


1.What is quality assurance in web development ?

QA or Quality Assurance is the process used to ensure that a website is delivered to a level of excellence. It checks the website for any errors, weaknesses, and potential points of failure before it goes live, or becomes available to real users.

2.Why is quality assurance important in web development ?

Quality Assurance in web development ensures that end-users get a functional user interface and the best user experience when using a web app or website.It checks the website for any errors, weaknesses, and potential points of failure before it goes live, or becomes available to real users.

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