10 Tips for Incredible Social Media Post Designs

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New brands are being introduced to social media users on a daily basis. A person’s decision to follow these pages takes only a few seconds to make, so it takes them only a few seconds to become a follower. In order to make this decision, what are the factors that influence it? Is it just the content that you are experiencing, or is it also the design of your social media posts? What are the benefits of Social Media Post Designs and do they promise a great brand story?

Brand recognition is partly due to the way posts on social media platforms are designed: rather like that of judges judging a book by its cover, when it comes to the strategy of posting. Speaking of posts, a lot of brands nowadays tend to opt for services like Automatic Instagram Likes that can detect new posts and generate likes for them. This helps brands and creators to get more reach on their social media handles. On a similar note, the perception of audiences is shaped by the design of social media platforms and what they offer. For instance, the short-video entertainment platform TikTok seems to be gaining more popularity than other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This is because viewers prefer entertainment that can engage them for a short period of time. Due to the popularity of the platform, businesses can use it for marketing and reaching out to a greater audience. They can hire digital marketing firms that can team up with top influencers on the platform. These influencers can then advertise (see ad examples here) the product or services so that more people can know about the company. That said, the visual aesthetics of companies’ content have become increasingly important, which is why they pay close attention to their profile pictures and cover images.

Hence, in order to create social media posts that fully capture the attention of users, designers are working on their creative cells. Let us take a moment to take a closer look at the question before we explain social media design tips:

What Is the Importance of Social Media Post Designs?

 Social Media

Visual content for social media needs to be developed, published, and marketed in three steps. Its purpose is twofold: to recognize the brand and to engage the audience.

A powerful social media presence is a necessity for every brand because more and more customers are consuming online content. This is why more and more companies nowadays tend to take the help of social media marketing firms (such as this social media marketing jacksonville fl firm for instance) that can engage followers on platforms like Facebook and Instagram through unique and engrossing content about the company. Going this route can help the business to improve its brand awareness. Visualizing a brand’s image on social media posts is vital to its success. Through storytelling and engaging visuals, the goal is to captivate audiences and get them to take action.

Social Media Post Designs: A Few Questions to Consider

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Your brand identity should be considered before you begin your social media design process. As a result, you must conduct research to answer the following five questions by conducting interviews, surveys via survey templates, polls, etc

How would you describe the values of your customers?

Is there a brand that can provide them with the solution they are looking for?

Is there anything they are concerned about?

Is there anything that they are interested in?

In terms of social media in general, and each specific platform in particular, what kind of content would you like to see from them?

Your social media design strategy will be revealed by answering these five questions. By optimizing creative assets, you will be able to implement the strategy more effectively.

Social Media Post Designs: Top 10 Tips

Get a head start on your social media strategy by using these ten social media design tips.

1. Make sure there is consistency and cohesion

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Brand recognition depends on design consistency. Every time you change the color scheme on social media, you confuse clients/viewers. Colors play an integral part in marketing. There are different models of color in digital media, the most common being the RGB model, and others that you could read about here or in other color model guides. Our brains often distinguish more by color than by any other means like text or sound. Consider the mood you wish to convey when choosing a visual theme. The cohesive design makes all the components of the design work together. Several colors should be prominent across all your posts, but one or two should stand out. Make your templates brand-friendly by adding brand colors.

2. Make sure the brand’s signature style is prominently displayed

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A signature style should be used to display the company’s products and services. It is important that the imagery evokes brand loyalty. Make sure the imagery is updated regularly. By doing so, you will keep your brand fresh in the minds of your prospects. As well as contributing to newness, it enhances the experience.

3. Make sure your images are the correct size

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In order to achieve the best results on social media platforms, there are certain sizes that work best. In order to make publishing your content easier, it is recommended that you follow the image specifications of each platform. As of June 2017, the following image shows how social media images should be sized for different platforms:

4. Make use of templates

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In addition to using templates, you can scale your social media design. Furthermore, they contribute to consistency as well as saving time. This is where Canva comes in handy. Templates can be created and shared easily. Content types should be represented by different template sets.

5. Designing based on platforms

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The size and other guidelines for images vary from platform to platform. Because Instagram Reels are designed to be viewed on smartphones, they are displayed in portrait mode. Landscape-mode videos are available on both Facebook and YouTube. Additionally, certain platforms are better suited to certain types of content. Instagram may be a good platform for infographics, while Twitter is the ideal platform for short text threads. Make sure your images comply with the platform’s nudity, explicitness, and copyright guidelines.

6. Spacing should be considered

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Whenever possible, allow more space for images in your social media posts. People online have short attention spans, which is why this occurs. It takes the human brain much less time to process images than text. Retweets, likes, and shares are higher on the latter, because of this. Don’t forget to keep the image at the center of your cover/banner image.

7. Make sure you follow best practices when designing graphics

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Social media design should adhere to certain graphic design best practices. As a quick checklist, here are the following:

  • White space can be used to draw the audience’s attention as well as provide them with clarity and relief with regard to the content.
  • If you want to make the design elements stand out, use colors, sizes, and textures that contrast with each other.
  • Arrange the elements according to their importance in order to create a visual hierarchy.

8. Make sure you follow KISS

A key pillar of design is the KISS principle. As well as social media posts, it translates to “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” Apply this principle to social media posts with strong imagery, smart copy, and a simple call to action.

9. Make sure your social media profiles are optimized

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It is important to keep your social media profile as well, even though your social media design should be the focus. Choosing a cover photo for your social media account should align with your brand visually and contextually. Keeping the same logo across all platforms is essential, as well as having a short but compelling bio, linking to your website or other websites on social media that you are active on.

10. Get expert advice

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Experts have a reason for being experts. Consider collaborating with a reputed design service or professional for images/illustrations.

As well as providing invaluable suggestions, they will also assist throughout the design process. Creative professionals can also be hired full-time by some companies. In addition to working with independent contractors, you can also hire a company.

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There is a fairly structured process for designing Social Media Posts. Despite this, creativity is not limited. In order to achieve success in your social media marketing strategy, you need to keep improving it on a daily basis. In these days of increasing reliance on social media for marketing purposes, you want to make sure your social media post design is engaging and allows your customers to see inside your world and find out who you are.


1. Should I pay attention to the design of my social media posts?

Yes, of course. Your firm’s social media design will be judged along with other metrics as social media becomes more important.

2. When creating social media posts, what is the most important rule to remember?

You should align the design with your brand’s visual identity.

3. Is it possible for me to design my own social media pages?

Outsource it to a talented professional if you have the budget. A learning curve of months or even years might be involved if you do it yourself.

4. What are the signs that my social media post design is effective?

You will be able to measure the success of each social media design using analytics software and split testing.

5. What are the best platforms to design social media posts for?

If you want to reach your target audience, research where they are most active and develop campaigns there.

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