How web designers can make negative feedback from clients actionable

Maximum of the web designers tend to work in non-design oriented cultures where the majority of people do not have a concrete understanding about designing principles. One of the most critical things that a web designer (or any designer, rather) needs to deal with is tackling the negative feedback of the clients and bosses. Negative feedback refers to that feedback which does not approves you for the initiated work. Even when this kind of feedback is given with ultimate intentions, it can infuriate you tremendously.

There are multiple strategies to get rid of the frustration generated because of this kind of feedback. You must hone your client or boss in the matter concerned so as to make the feedback actionable.

1)      Hone in on certain keywords: it is possible that your client has said more than what you are actually listening. It is easier to concentrate upon filler words of a bad feedback.  Instead of getting frustrated from the received feedback, you must pay attention so as to why that feedback was given.  Analyze your designs again and try to find out the cause that made your client give this feedback.

2)      Utilize the historical feedback: it is quite possible for you to receive negative feedback from your clients many times. It is something that have been dealt by your multiple times in past. If you still have those feedbacks that have been given by your clients in past, then try reviewing them keenly. It is possible that you spot some common trends for which your bosses are looking forward for.

You must find out your last step when you completed the past project. Pay major focus upon the solution and not the product. Apart from that, try remembering the conversation that happened between you and your client. You might be then able to put together the complete glossary of what your boss meant to impart you.

By using the past records, you shall be able to cut out certain undesired iterations that end up calming your nerves. In case you had a long term relationship with your client, then try to review the whole procedure right from the time you both came in contact. After all, knowledge is power.

3)      Have a complete brainstorm: gathering conversation at times feels like someone is talking to you. Getting a negative feedback is a wonderful way to change the perception that a feedback requires you to make yourself defensive. Instead of welcoming a feedback, you must aim at inviting them to discussions.  In case your client/boss is living far away, then you must try using UX platforms for working collaboratively.

4)      Excellence comes only with practice: if you have been lately receiving negative feedbacks from your client/boss, then you must remember that you are not alone. Any designs are iterative- so do is website design. Thus, you must never ever get frightened. Your boss or client may not be actually aware about what they want from you exactly. You just remember to keep yourself relaxed by breathing deep in and letting things go the way they can.


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