7 Best Content writing tools to help you work efficiently and write faster

7 Best Content writing tools to help you work efficiently and write faster

Digital marketing and SEO plans cannot be successful without high-quality, engaging content. Creating this content takes time, effort, and resources. It is essential to the existence of the internet. Because writer’s block is not much fun, it’s good that content creators have access to tools that assist them in finding writers who want to speed up their writing process.

By creating content that establishes a brand, improves SEO, establishes an online presence, and enhances SEO, a company can generate leads. A wide range of AI writing tools might be available today that can help business owners create amazing copies. You can make the content creation process easier with these tools.

On a similar note, social media content is quite popular and has a massive reach to the audience. Therefore, it is important to use techniques such as creating marketing funnels on the worksite to gain new readers. This could be made simpler with the help of AI copywriting software by using the suggestions they give. It may be more reliable at times as there may be little to no scope for error in the content being created.

While creating content, the creator can narrow down his thoughts to a particular perspective to establish a relationship with the audience, voicing out their views. Blog sites such as Techstory describe the need to employ marketing funnels to create effective content online.

Here you will find the top 7 Content Writing tools, including types, types of tools, and tool recommendations.

A list of essential tools for content writing

1. Copy.ai


Rewriting and generating original content is the focus of Copy.ai Content writing tools. You can also write better content with its distraction-free user interface. Besides blog posts, product descriptions, social media posts, sales copies, and digital ads, Copy.ai can help you write digital ads as well. In terms of the writing process, Copy.ai has the advantage of repeating many creative options.


  • Checks for grammar errors and spelling suggestions
  • Multilingual content – write in a variety of languages
  • The tool suggests topics you might be interested in writing based on competitive headlines
  • The content tone is evaluated using a tone check
  • Evaluation of content according to specific style guidelines by a style editor
  • Keywords are used to generate content such as sentences or paragraphs
  • Using AI templates, you can have AI write your content for you


  • Content creation that is limitless
  • Chrome extension; always accessible
  • Global markets benefit from multilingualism
  • Voices that sound professional


  • Posts of longer length are not allowed
  • No live chat is available

2. Jasper


In terms of Content writing tools, jasper is the best as it uses artificial intelligence to generate content. As well as writing blog posts, videos, landing pages, outreach copy, and social media posts, YouTube videos, Google Ads, and product descriptions, this tools for content writing has a wide array of features.


  • Grammar accuracy – Jasper guarantees the accuracy of your material and that it is original and free of grammatical errors. Thus, it is equipped with a built-in grammar checker so you won’t have to worry about mistakes.
  • A collection of over 40 AI copy templates in this best tools for content writing
  • Using artificial intelligence, creates full blog posts automatically
  • Creating a collaborative environment


  • In order to write in any niche you can think of, Jasper has read 10% of the whole internet


  • It is not possible for Jasper to check facts on its own

3. Anyword

Some ai content writing tools are terribly clunky and unfit for purpose on Information Technology. Anyword, however, does not suffer from this problem, since it has earned the trust of a large number of top brands such as The New York Times, the NBA, Red Bull, and many others. There are a number of different types of copy that this software can produce, including sales letters, product descriptions, and any other type of copy you may need. You can also select the tone you would like to use depending on the situation you are in.


  • There are six categories to choose from
  • Regardless of the option you choose, you’ll receive excellent content for your website.
  • Depending on the chosen style, it generates multiple versions of the text you need.
  • Light, confident, hard sell, and other modes are available depending on the material type.
  • Professional users can only access custom styles.
  • The AI writer may also use keywords you add.
  • Using this free online content writing tools you can easily edit the content to suit your tastes.


  • A good choice for ad copies


  • The premium plan offers advanced features such as a blog editor, keyword analysis, and SEO suggestions, but you still need to be a premium member in order to use these features.
  • Unlike other content writing tools, this tool does not offer a readability score or live feedback

4. Rytr


Rytr’s ability to write copy is similar to that of Copy AI and Jasper, both of which are Content writing tools. Using it, you can generate unique copy for product descriptions, company pitches, product names, and marketing campaigns, as well as emails, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn ads. Using this easy-to-use tool, you’ll be able to write unique seo content writing in seconds.


  • The copywriting software includes a plagiarism checker. Once you’ve created your content copies, you can check them for duplication. You can rely on Rytr’s unique content.
  • There are more than 30 use cases
  • You can choose from more than 30 languages
  • With 18+ tones (awestruck, convincing, inspiring, etc.) you can give your content personality.
  • Based on APIs


  • Easy-to-use user interface for beginners
  • Copyscape’s plagiarism checker is built into Rytr
  • You can create any type of content with it, in 30+ languages.
  • Try it free for 30 days (up to 5000 characters for free)
  • DOC and HTML formats are available for downloading
  • There are more than 20 popular writing tones supported by Rytr.
  • Trial users have access to customer support.


  • There is a limit of 50,000 characters per month on the AppSumo Rytr lifetime deal.
  • You can only pay with a credit card when purchasing Rytr from the official site. It is necessary to add more payment methods.

5. Peppertype


AI Content writing tools like Peppertype use machine learning to determine what the user wants. Users are provided with relevant responses using this technology bringing you the best tools for content writing. By analyzing moods and emotions, and suggesting what to do next, users can gain useful insights. As more companies adopt AI to create content for their clients, the future of free online content writing tools seems bright. Writing assistance without learning how to use Peppertype is a great benefit for writers.


  • Making sentences as readable and engaging as possible across different mediums
  • Adapt your content on the fly based on powerful engagement metrics
  • Sloppy writing is easily transformed into polished prose with an automatic sentence rephraser
  • Artificial intelligence grammatical checker to catch errors at the source
  • Ensure your content is unique with advanced plagiarism detection.
  • You don’t need any technical knowledge to design with ease with the advanced style editor


  • Affordable price
  • It is possible to create short-form content for social media, ad copy, etc.
  • The AI writer has been rated five stars by many people who have used it


  • The command line is not supported
  • Poor AI performance (but gradually improving)
  • Unlike Jasper, the Grammar and Plagiarism checker is only available to Enterprise plan users

6. Closers Copy

The Closers Copy AI will automatically generate your blog posts, your website, your emails, and landing pages. Closers Copy content writing tools free are a great way to write content for your blog and website. If you’re looking for a content writing tools free and easy-to-use software to create content for your blog and website, check out Closers Copy. Powered by proprietary AI and built on the GPT-3 platform, this is the world’s first AI-powered content writing and blog management platform


  • Depending on the tier you choose, the amount for collaboration will vary
  • Using artificial intelligence to write blogs, sell products, and tell stories
  • Content generator powered by artificial intelligence
  • Various languages to choose from
  • Planning and auditing SEO
  • Providing support
  • Automation of content creation
  • Community


  • A simple tool for generating variations and using it.
  • Analyzing and predicting performance in depth.
  • Increase in traffic, conversions, and click-through rates.
  • A variety of tones and styles are available.
  • Idea generation never ends.


  • There are not enough words in the Starter plan
  • It may be necessary to tweak text generation in some cases.

7. WordHero


In terms of artificial intelligence content writing tools, WordHero is among the best. Copywriting Fast-Tracks are ideal for freelancers, agencies, and companies. The technology makes it possible to create more dynamic content that connects with audiences. You can use it easily, save time, and save money.


  • Expressions that describe
  • A new tool is added almost every week to the toolbox of 48 Al writing tools.
  • In the proofreading process, errors related to grammar, spelling, and punctuation are corrected as a final step.
  • Your funnels, product descriptions, and benefits can be generated with Wordhero. You can also use bullet point expander to make ideas into sales copy.
  • An expandable bullet point list
  • Corrections to grammar


  • Easy access to the working area.
  • There is a rapid expansion of features.
  • Time to market can be dramatically sped up.
  • Articles can be generated quickly and at any scale with it.
  • Every month, you can generate unlimited content.


  • Writing by machines is too premature.


You’ve now got your list of the 7 best content writing tools to consider in 2022.

Editing tools such as those listed above aim to improve the overall quality of content.

Identify the most appropriate tool for your content creation tasks, and give it a try.

However there are many content and seo tips and tricks that can help you attain better results Are there any tools we missed in this post that you think are great for content writing? Share your opinions in the comment section

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