Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Dubai


With the advancement and rapid extension of latest technologies and significant impact of social media, businesses are doing a good job to maintain the small to medium organizations. Business owners who are taking a step towards the technology of digital communication to reap maximum production are quite appreciable. It is an inevitable factor that customers must be passionate about the website to make it productive. Thus choosing the best digital marketing agency which will be an investment-return and grow you bigger in the industry is important.

Many companies all over the world are looking to go global, which is why they have considered registering themselves on social media platforms (like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook), where they can build their brand awareness by using options to buy Views for TikTok, likes for Instagram, and comments for Facebook. This is the same for companies in the UAE–it is one of the most eager countries that would like to expand to. International business is flourishing as more and more companies bring their trade to the shores of countries like Qatar, UAE, Iran, Egypt, India, and more.

For an Emirati audience, hiring a local team to market the offerings and website can give the intended results. Some businesses may even hire Arabic translation services to appeal to a local audience. Whether it’s website content or audio/video marketing material, curating them in multiple languages, especially local ones, can be immensely helpful. Most digital marketing agencies have these capabilities too.

Before we get started with the topic of digital marketing, however, it is important to touch on the business formation aspect of it all. Opening a new company or starting a new business in Dubai can be a tiresome and backbreaking process. Especially if you’re from abroad, the language barriers may prove even more of a hindrance, although locals are fairly familiar with the English language.

In any case, the help of an expert firm such as In Zone ( that claims to have strong working relationships with the government departments can prove advantageous when first starting off with your business in the UAE. When you do not have to worry about formalities like these, you can begin to form relationships with IT firms, digital marketing companies, office space renters, and more, to fast-forward your growth in the industry.

Here is the list of 10 digital marketing agencies in Dubai that brings better revenue.

1. Hug digital:

They have started their operation in 2010 and have already made their place in the market. They provide services like digital marketing, influence marketing, social media marketing, research marketing, content marketing, digital media buying and planning. The clients who are using their services are Hardees, Toyota, Dubai, Shell, TGI Fridays, Honda, Al Futtaim, Tamara, MISR Italia, etc.

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2. DigitasLBi:

This is a pre-eminent digital marketing agency in Dubai. DigitasLBi is a global marketing and technology agency that is ideal for businesses who are looking for a strong digital marketing profile. Their principal services are web, design, advertising, CRM, SEO, social media, CMS, strategy, planning, E-Commerce, and marketing. They are handling clients like AstraZeneca, Teladoc, Whirlpool, American Express, Buick, Maytag, Taco Bell, Dunkin, etc.

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3. Bassmat:

This is a full-service and award-winning agency in Dubai who has a good client base. Bassmat Agency has served many companies in Saudi Arabia and around the Middle East. They are famous for services like online marketing strategies, online advertising, advanced social network marketing, web marketing solutions, social media services and all kinds of digital media services. Their clients are Hyundai, Canon, Mandarin Oriental, Saptco, Alsorayai Group, Saudi Aramco, LG, etc.

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4. Elephant Nation:

Elephant Nation is a group of young, dynamic and deft persons who want to change the definition of digital marketing. They embrace clients with services like branding, advertising, digital marketing and media buying, design services, brand communication, web development, social media management, advertising, etc. They are providing services to the clients like Casio, Government of Dubai, Emirates Transport, The Executive Office, LG, ACE, Nandos, The Address, REEL Cinemas, Dubai Innovation Strategy, etc.

5. GROW:

With their work and professionalism, GROW has made new standards of digital marketing in the UAE. Their core services are social media, e-mail marketing, Google Adwords, SEO, web design, app development, KAS Australia and many more things. They feel proud to be associated with the clients like Novotel Hotels, Government of Dubai, Shangri – La – Hotel, RTA, DP World, Four Seasons, Traders Hotel, London Business Group, Dubai Garden Centre, African+Eastern, etc

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6. Boopin communications:

Boopin communication is a growing advertising agency which provides tailor-made and effective solutions to the businesses. Some of their services are website development, mobile app development, game app development, e-commerce solutions, SEO, SEM, social media marketing, electronic direct mails, video content and content creation. Their clients are United Arab Emirates – Ministry of Cabinet affairs, Nakheel, Lulu Group, Maher Petroleum, Novotel Hotels, Ibis, University of Dubai, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Al Noor Hospitals, Shuroo, Dubai SME and many more.

7.Socialize Agency:

This is another prodigious agency in Dubai who provide some effective solutions to the clients. They are expertise in digital marketing training, social media management, mobile app development, e-commerce development, media strategy planning, influencer marketing, messenger Bot development and many more things. Their reputed clients are Sony, Kraft Foods, Clorox, Line, Huawei, Baskin Robbins, Mercedez Benz, Lacoste, etc. The popularity of digital marketing is simply unparalleled and in the coming years, it will conquer all the mediums of advertising. The above, we mentioned only the best digital marketing agencies in Dubai. If you do a little bit of market research, you can find many more advertising agencies in Dubai. Depending on your budget and requirement, you can choose any of them who will boost your digital marketing growth.

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8. Integrated Holistic Communications (IHC):

This is an award-winning agency which raises brand awareness and improves the client’s bottom line revenues. Their services are Google Adwords, PPC, display advertising, PR, social media, videos, graphic and web design, brand activation, events, and content generation. Companies that are associated with them are McDonald’s, Fosters,, Travelex, Mercedes Benz, Zurich, Ciroc, Gasco, Bosch, UFC, Omnia, deVere, Ocean View and many more.

9. Red Dot Media:

They possess vast knowledge and experience in the field of advertising and has established a good portfolio and reputation in the market. Their services are market research, media planning, media buying, campaign implementation, post-campaign reporting, creative strategy, and design. Their clients are Breitling, Anantara, Tilal, Seven tides, Murdoch University, Laureate, Dubai Dolphinarium, Cluttons, Sheraton, Sofitel Luxury Hotels, etc.

10. The Netbooster:

Netbooster is a leading advertising agency in Dubai which works independently and provides some coherent digital marketing strategies to the clients. NetBooster Dubai runs its operation under the umbrella of NetBooster Group, established in 1998, and is listed on NYSE and a leader in online performance strategies in Europe. They provide services like performance display, SEO, PPC, Analytics, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, consumer insights, inbound marketing strategy, mobile and tablet advertising. Their clients are Europcar, ABS, Emirates, Accor hotels, Royal Copenhagen, Allianz, Columbia, Office Depot and iBis.

Partnering with a digital agency doesn’t mean replacing an internal team, but to supplement the efforts. A simple website or social media page won’t be enough to take your business beyond imagination. A digital marketing agency provides accurately optimized digital presence by integrating product development process, every essential aspect of the sales process and client service management and marks the everlasting best impression of your organization.
We hope, the above-listed agencies undoubtedly make it worth partnering. So, never fail to choose the right agency for your business needs today itself.

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