Top Features In Android 10.0

Major feature in Android 10.0

The evolution of technology has brought many hardware and software changes into this world to the stage that our daily life routine is now dependent on technology.

The application of technology has brought us a great range of comfort and peace and they do this by doing our work for us, reducing our stress and pressure.

Such advancement has also been brought into the world of smartphones especially android.

Android is an operating system for smart handheld devices such as mobiles, tablets and a few laptops.

  When the first android 1.0 was made available to the general public back in 2008, people were amazed by what a tiny device had the potential to do, and ever since then, android has been constantly evolving and transforming themselves visually and functionally. With that said, here’s a look at the app development lifecycle.

The latest complete and publically available android in the market from the android version list is the Android version 10.0; moreover, this completely remained an innovative version of the android was released back in September of 2019.

It has been after several thousand testing hours and after getting all the feedback so that the users can have a much better and a new kind of experience compared to the last generation of the complete android list.

It has several neat features and tricks to make the user experience unmatchable to any other operating system and the top 10 features of Android 10 are listed below

Dark theme

This has been one of the most heavily demanded features on android by the people and the company has been teasing this feature for several months but it was not ready to completely introduce it.

However, with android 10.0 the company has finally launched dark mode which can be enabled at any time and allows the people to switch to a black theme which is soothing to look at compared to bright white screen.

Focus Mode

As the name suggests, focus mode is a new feature of the android that helps you focus on whatever you want by removing all the distractions.

This is a branch of the health center of the phone and focuses on the well-being of the user by helping him or her stay focused and it does this by a touch of a button after you have selected the apps you want to disable.

Smart Reply

We have already been introduced to this feature in the previous android version list by Google but due to major demand, in android 10, this feature is available on all the messaging services. Also, read Google Ranking Factors

Whenever you get a next message on any application, the smart reply feature will give you three predicted answers or a recommended action and allow you to reply to the message just by a tap instead of typing, saving you the hassle.

Smart Gesture Control

Google has also improved the gesture control on android 10 making it simpler and easier to use than last generation.

 Now you can swipe left or right from the opposite edge of the screen to go back, they have also removed the three button grid from the bottom and created one thin bar which can be swiped up to go to the home screen and swiping up and holding it will take you the multitask or recently opened tab menu.

There was also a peek feature added later on in the update which allowed users to access the overlaying apps more easily.

Live Captions


Imagine you are watching a movie, and the characters start to speak another language but you did not download subtitles, what will you do? Android 10 thinks one step ahead as it has a new and very neat feature which allows you to generate live captions on the screen.

 You do not need any kind of internet connection for this or need to download anything; your android will automatically generate captions for you live on the screen for you to read.

Faster Security Updates

SECURITY Android 10

This is one of the most exciting features that came with android 10 as you no longer will have to wait for months to get a major update but now you will be able to get a lot major updates like security updates from the play store directly.

 This means you will get the updates as soon as they are released and update your phone just like you would update any other application from Google play.

Better location and privacy

Advancing technology also has some disadvantages, being connected to the internet all the time while sharing your location makes it extremely easy for hackers to track your digital footprint which could be a problem in the previous android version list but with the latest privacy and location setting of android 10.0, you can control which apps are tracking your location and only allow them to track when the app is open. You can ever set the time for how long the data is stored in the system before it is automatically wiped.

These are one of the advanced features that are very beneficial to every user of android 10.

Sound Amplifier

This new feature allows you to listen to things around you more clearly by optimizing the sound around you using this amplifier.

To use this feature you can plug in your headphones, and use the amplifier to optimize the background noise as if you can increase the volume in a lecture to hear things more clearly. Moreover, Google has a lot more plans for this feature in the future as it has a lot of potential.

We are at the very verge of technology where there is a new feature or a new update being released every day even a new operating system every other month but all of these improvements are being done to make our lives a little bit easier with every step.

It is up to us how we use these features as they can either improve our life or make it worse and lead us to destruction.


1.How to enable android 10 features ?

Android 10 has a new feature that lets you create a QR code for your Wi-Fi network or scan a QR code to join a Wi-Fi network from the device’s Wi-Fi settings. To use this new feature, go to Wi-Fi settings and then select your home network, followed by the Share button with a small QR code just above it.

2.What new features are in android 10 ?

1.Dark theme
2.Focus Mode
3.Smart Reply
4.Smart Gesture Control
5.Live Captions
6.Faster Security Updates
7.Better location and privacy
8.Sound Amplifier

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